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Consortium Goals and Action Teams

The Consortium has four Action Teams that support the Vision through associated Goals.

Planning Team

1. Goal: Increase collaboration and strengthen partnerships through developing an effective network of Riparian Consortium members.

2. Leads: James River Association, Dialogue + Design Associates

3. Contact: Christine Gyovai, info@dialogueanddesign.com

Knowledge Network Team

1. Goal: Build knowledge and capacity about best practices and innovation to ensure the use of the best researched methods for the greatest success of riparian restoration.

2. Leads: Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) Program , Stroud Water Research Center (Stroud), Center for Watershed Protection (CWP)

3. Contacts: Shereen Hughes and Beth Ginter, shereen.hughes@wetlandswatch.orgbeth@cblpro.org

Targeting & Outreach Team

1. Goal: Build awareness of the importance of riparian areas and deliver outreach based on identified partner priorities, landowner interests, and restoration opportunity areas to increase strategic riparian investments.

2. Team Leads: James River Association, GreenFin Studio, Center for Watershed Protection

3. Contact: Casey Johnson, lcjohnson@thejamesriver.org

Implementation Team

1. Goal: Coordinate implementation and fill funding gaps to support a holistic approach to riparian restoration projects that leverage partner resources and expertise.

2. Team Leads: James River Association, Trout Unlimited

3. Contact: Amber Ellis, aellis@thejamesriver.org

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