About the Consortium


About Us

Mission: To support a network of partners to raise awareness, build workforce capacity, and increase implementation of riparian forested buffers across the Upper and Middle James watersheds through collaboration.

Vision: Growing partnerships to create healthy streamside ecosystems for clean water in the James River today and tomorrow.

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We can go further together and seek opportunities to support, collaborate with, and learn from diverse partners both within and outside the James River watershed.

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We are proactive and take initiative to create solutions that respond to the needs of Consortium partners and our streamside ecosystems for long-term health of the James River and our communities.
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We care for our existing riparian buffers and believe that stewardship is vital to sustained improvements in water quality and successful buffers.
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We integrate practices such as livestock exclusion fencing, streambank stabilization, grass and forest buffers, and conservation easements that respond to landowner, landscape, and habitat needs.

Where We Work

Our area of focus is the freshwater region of the James River watershed from the Blue Ridge and the Valley and Ridge regions of Virginia to the Piedmont region of Virginia. Click on map at right for more detail.