Plant Guide


Which Tree Should I Plant?

A Guide for Selecting Riparian Trees and Shrubs in Virginia

This guide was produced by the Upper and Middle James Riparian Consortium to raise awareness of and celebrate the woody native plants of Virginia’s riparian areas. The content builds on existing partner resources to make selection, planting, and maintenance clear and easy.

What we love about the guide:

  • It was collaboratively built with many people sharing expertise and photos to showcase the 31 species highlighted within.
  • Recognizing that the end goal is a functioning forest, the tree species are shown as parts of a community.
  • The guide focuses on species native to Virginia that are well-suited for planting in a riparian buffer.
  • The visuals, including icons, make for an engaging and readable document.

Headed to an event and need a flier of the Plant Guide? Download here and print »