Partner Coordination Tool

This tool was created for the Consortium by the Chesapeake Conservancy’s Conservation Innovation Center to facilitate coordination and collaboration among implementation partners across the James River watershed. Click on tabs to explore a variety of data layers to view progress towards our Watershed Implementation Plan buffer goals, subwatershed boundaries, partner geographies and contact information, and priority areas for restoration.

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Networks & Organizations

Chesapeake Riparian Forest Buffer Network

Join the Chesapeake Riparian Forest Buffer Network to connect with the Chesapeake forest buffer community. Learn about forest buffer programs, resources, and stories in the Chesapeake, and find out why forest buffers are so critical.

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Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act

The purpose of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (Bay Act) program is to protect and improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay by requiring the implementation of effective land use management practices.

Bay Act Overview
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act 101
Local Programs Regulations and Guidance