Streambank Stabilization


Hat Creek – before restoration
Hat Creek – immediately after restoration
Hat Creek – one month after restoration
Hat Creek – 1.5 years after restoration
Hat Creek – 6 years after restoration
Streambank stabilization practices are implemented to address excessive erosion rates. Streambank stabilization can involve a variety of activities depending on the circumstances at a given site. These activities range from simply planting the bank to grading/matting/planting to installing deflection structures at the toe of the bank to armoring with large rock and/or tree roots. In some instances, the extent of streambank erosion and channel instability may require a more comprehensive restoration approach.

Before any land disturbing activity can occur please contact your local Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Environmental Quality and local zoning representative for the proper permits.

Project Highlights

A stream restoration project at Bolar Run in Highland County successfully addressed erosion and other problems. Shown is the project before restoration, a month later, and six years after completion.