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There are a variety of federal, state, and non-profit partner led programs that provide up to 100% of the costs.

Consortium partners can help you with riparian buffers on your property by listening to your needs and vision, connecting you to cost assistance programs, and ensuring your investments in healthy land and water last for the next generation. This can include Excluding Cattle, Planting a New Buffer, Maintaining Your Buffer, and/or Protecting/Conserving Your Buffer. Riparian buffers are the trees, shrubs, and other vegetation along our waterways. These streamside forests provide the James River and its tributaries with the protection they need.

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Localities with an * in the dropdown below have areas that are outside of the watershed and may be ineligible from some programs. The James River watershed can be found using this watershed map.

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Waterways include ephemeral and perennial streams, rivers, and lakes.

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Agriculture can include farming activities such as growing crops and rearing of livestock to provide food, wool, or other products.

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