Funding Programs


Consortium partners will work with you on restoring riparian buffers on your property by listening to your needs and vision, connecting you to cost assistance programs, and ensuring your investments in healthy land and water last for the next generation. There are a variety of federal, state, and non-profit partner led programs that provide up to 100% of the costs associated with installing riparian forest buffers, excluding livestock from streams, stabilizing streambanks, enhancing wildlife habitat, and protection. 

There are 2 ways to find out what programs you are eligible for:

  • Visit the Streamside Program Report Tool where you can enter your address and vision for your riparian areas and get a customized report with local partner contacts to help you.
  • Or browse the list of available programs below under Explore Programs by Focus Area.

Streamside Program Report Tool

Visit our Streamside Program Report Tool, created by the Chesapeake Conservancy, where you can enter a few basic questions about your land and objectives. The tool will narrow down eligible programs in your area and provide you with a report about your property and program information. You can also choose to simply browse the list of programs below and get in touch with the program providers directly to find out if a particular program suits your situation.

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