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Locality: City of Richmond
Stream: No
Agriculture: No
Projects: Create new buffer; maintain existing buffer


Virginia Best Management Practices (BMP) Tax Credit Program

The current Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practice Tax Credit is twenty-five percent (25%) of the total eligible cost not to exceed $17.5k. If a producer receives a cost-share payment, only the producer’s share of the project is used to determine the amount of the tax credit.

Program Website: Virginia Dept. of Forestry
Contact: Your local SWCD (Soil and Water Conservation District)


Conservation Reserve Program – Highly Erodible Land (CRP)

The goal of CRP is to establish long-term resource conserving covers on eligible land to reduce erosion, provide wildlife habitat benefits and provide for water quality benefits from reduced erosion, runoff, and leaching.

Program Website: Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation
Contact: Your local USDA Service Center