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Lauren Huey, Green Fin Studio

Lauren Huey
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How does your work support healthy streamside ecosystems in the James River watershed?

I help environmental messages reach their intended audiences and stick, which can lead to more people appreciating and protecting the James River watershed. An example is assembling and illustrating the Consortium’s native riparian plant guide to give landowners a public-friendly resource so that they can pick plants for their property that excite and inspire them.


What do you love most about your work?

On the daily, I get to mix my creativity with my love of nature, which is very fulfilling. I also appreciate that my work has a positive impact on the local ecosystems that I love, and that I’m regularly surrounded by colleagues who feel the same way.

What was your journey/career path that led you to the work you do now?

I got my MS from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). During that time, when I mentioned my research on oysters to anyone, they almost always wanted to know more – because they like to eat them, because they know they clean the water, because they know a waterman whose livelihood is tied to oyster populations, etc. I got good at explaining my research to people of all backgrounds and found a path to jobs in science communication. I realized that I love communicating about all ecosystems, not just the marine, and settled in Virginia permanently to work for Green Fin Studio on topics from oyster restoration to urban tree canopy.

What do you value most about the Consortium? How has it positively impacted your work?

The Consortium has a commitment to action and sharing actionable information – not just having closed-door meetings or making tools that sit on a shelf, but listening to partners and stakeholders and creating tools that are used to improve watershed health.
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Organization: Green Fin Studio

Title: Director of Environmental Communications